Jessica is the author behind "We have chemistry together!" When she's not hard at work as a third-year graduate student, she can be found at home caring for her husband, their two cats, and their year-old dachshund mix named Parker.

Jessica chose to start blogging as a way to join in the community of DIYers she has followed for years. She loves to knit, quilt, and bake. She and her husband are both "foodies" and are always trying out new recipes. Jessica has also taken on decorating their apartment home, and loves to scour thrift stores for new (old) furniture.

It's difficult to start a blog, and Jessica welcomes and appreciates comments -- hearing from you keeps her from feeling like she's talking to the walls!

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    I just have one suggestion. When you post others photos to your blog you should probably link to the original on Flickr (or where ever it came from) instead of linking to the pin. The person who pinned it most likely does not own the rights to the picture. It's good form to give the owner of the picture credit. This way their hard work can get some appreciation! :)