What I Wore Wednesday: Halloween Edition!

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It's Halloween! We celebrated big in our house this year. My mister went as Walter White from Breaking Bad, complete with the shaved head, goatee, and Heisenberg hat! He's a dead ringer for this look (although a bit younger):

The exact replica hat can be found at Target, if you're heading to a party this weekend and want to pull off this look. To round out his costume, we "cooked" some "product" last night for him to hand out to friends and coworkers. The recipe can be found at SugarHero, and this is what we wound up with:

We erred a little green after two drops of the standard blue food colouring you can find in the grocery store, but it was close enough! For this batch, we omitted flavouring as we thought that it was fine on its own.

I didn't join the Breaking Bad theme, and instead went as Where's Waldo's girlfriend, Wenda:

I already had the shirt and denim pencil skirt (Old Navy). The tights and cane were snagged at Party City. 

As a personal touch, I wore my traveling charm bracelet. It records everywhere I've been recently, and I figured it was an appropriate accent for this costume!

Last but not least, the iconic Waldo hat. I knit the hat myself the only way a DIYer can -- at the very last second, finishing the pom-pom before walking out the door to work this morning. For the knitters in the room, the quick instructions are below:

Super Simple Knit Beanie

US 8 circular needle
Red Heart Super Saver yarn in red and white

Cast on 80 stitches in red and join to knit in the round, placing a stitch marker at the start of the round. K2P2 rib with red yarn for about an inch and a half (for me, this was 8 rounds). Switch to white yarn and knit rounds until the hat is approximately 5 inches tall (including the red section; this was about 20 rounds in white).

Begin decreases as follows at the start of the next round:
K8, k2tog, repeat to end of round
Knit next round
K7, k2tog, repeat to end of round
Knit next round
K6, k2tog, repeat to end of round
Knit next round
Continue decreases, reducing the number of knits each round (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) before k2tog. Always knit one "clean" round between decrease rounds.

Finally, k2tog for one complete round, then knit one complete round. There should be 8 stitches remaining on your needle. Cut the tail and thread it through all of the stitches, pulling tightly to cinch the top of the hat shut. Thread your tails into the inside of the hat, cut a red pom-pom to thread onto the top, and voila -- you're done!

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