Sunday Surprise

My Mister is such an amazing man. He puts up with all of my quirks -- my love of chocolate, my multitude of crafting addictions hobbies, my tendency to dance along to the music they pump into grocery stores and shopping malls, and my weird peel-off face masks. He even takes me to Goodwill after church most Sundays so I can peruse the furniture section and dawdle by the lamps.

This Sunday was no different. While I decided to pass on the lime green computer desk, I did come away with one surprising find -- my first vintage sheet!

If you're a fan of In Color Order, you may know about Jeni's love of vintage sheets. I can honestly say that I didn't know much about vintage sheets before now, but I've always loved the photos Jeni posts of her finds -- pretty stacks of bright, colourful floral fabrics that I would love to work into my quilts but that I can never seem to find. That is, until today.

I bought this sheet today just because I loved the bright, cheerful print. Once I got home I started doing some homework to see just what I had found, and I came across this post about vintage sheets that Jeni wrote which serves as a great primer if you don't know much about the topic. I read Jeni's post and immediately went hunting for the tags on this fitted sheet. Here's what I found:

Surprise, this sheet is actually vintage! In fact, if you Google "Fieldcrest Perfection vintage sheet" you can find a number of copycat sheets, including some for sale on Etsy. Hooray, my gut instinct was right after all!

I'm excited to get this sheet washed and pressed, and then I need to decide what I'm going to do with it. Something tells me it might be more fun to break into my first vintage sheet with friends, so keep an eye out as I might be giving away a few fat quarter cuts from this sheet in the future!

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