Thrifted nightstand

About a year and a half ago I rescued this little nightstand from my neighborhood thrift shop. The sticker is long gone, but I believe I paid $8 for it. I have a tall dresser with a similar design, and I knew I could refinish this piece to fit into my every day life.

A month after purchasing the nightstand, my mister (although then he was only my fiance) and I made our move to Tennessee. Days before departing, while I was packing up the rest of my house, I decided to finally refinish the nightstand. (Totally logical.) After a coat of Rustoleum white primer and two coats of gray paint, it became this:

(Boy, do I miss that yard.)

Since then we got married and moved in together, and this poor little nightstand got sent away to the guest room, never to be seen again. It just didn't work with the dark bedroom furniture my mister brought with him, but I couldn't bear to part with it. I actually wound up without a nightstand of my own after that. Then yesterday, I was "shopping at home" and redecorating a few rooms of the house when it finally hit me. I could refinish this piece again, and then I'd get to enjoy it every day! Two coats of black satin spray paint later, and...

Truth be told, it looks better in person than it does in that photo. I love how the finish just seems to glow, and the black really makes the lines of this piece stand out! Once I get the rest of our room squared away, I'll be sure to get a better shot.

Do you have a favourite piece of art or furniture that you've sequestered away in another room of your house? Try reworking it so that it can be a part of your daily life!