Yuletide Layer Bars

It's that time of year. The Mister and I have lined up half a dozen holiday parties to attend, and that's before we leave town to head home for the actual holiday.

Don't get me wrong, I love a great party. But I've found that a lot of the parties we were invited to this year are pot luck, and for some reason I started drawing blanks when it came to choosing recipes to bring. I really love to bake for people, but we've been unusually busy and I haven't had a lot of extra time to get baking (or laundry, or dishes, or blogging) done. What's a girl to do?

Well, today I'm going to try out the Nestle Toll House Yuletide Layer Bars. They look delicious and while, IMHO, a little expensive I think they'll go over well with a crowd of bleary-eyed graduate students coming off of finals week.

Do you have a go-to pot luck recipe? I've got a few more of these to do in the next two weeks and I'd love to hear some new ideas!

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