CSA Week 2: Onions and peaches and carrots, oh my!

We made it through our first CSA week and we're on to the second!

Without further ado, here's the contents of box 2:

Looks about the same as last week, with a few minor differences! We received carrots and onions this week, along with an assortment of familiar produce. Instead of a whole chicken, it looks like we'll be cooking pork chops! And sure enough, buried in that box are another half-dozen eggs, safely tucked away.

So, you may be wondering what came of the first box! Well, here's the rundown from Week 1:

The blackberries and one peach became toppings for ice cream following my 5 Minute Fruit Compote recipe.

The chicken was dutifully roasted following the instructions described here.

Summer corn is so sweet that it needs very little more than a five minute blanch in boiling water and a pat of good, salty butter!

We always cook green beans in a manner similar to Outback Steakhouse: an eight minute blanch in boiling water, followed by a toss in a hot pan with butter, cinnamon, a tiny pinch of brown sugar, garlic powder and a healthy dose of white pepper.

The rest of the produce was eaten pretty much out-of-hand. That melon had a wonderful orange interior and sweet flavour similar to a cantaloupe; I'd love to know what variety it was. Luckily we got another one to enjoy this week!

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