CSA Week 5: Seasons Change

Hey everyone! I'm back for another CSA box reveal.

Ready or not, here's the reveal:

This week the weather here in Nashville started to change, and glimpsing into this farm box made me wistful for the coming Fall season. The box this week contained bell peppers, a red onion, an adorable little squash, another white-fleshed watermelon, four (four!) ears of corn, and yet more green beans. Also, tucked underneath it all, is a half-dozen eggs that we were warned we may not receive because the chickens have gone into an early molt at the farm.

Did you know chickens molt twice a year, and that hens won't lay while they're going through the process? I didn't! I'm so glad the man who runs our CSA is dedicated to education; we get a detailed email every week describing conditions on the farm, and he also includes tips and tricks to help us enjoy our bounty. It was an unexpected treat that I've come to look forward to every week!

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